Trent Stetler grew up in Haverford Township, graduated from Haverford High School in 2012 and attended Elon University in North Carolina. 
At Haverford High School, Trent was a 4 year Varsity lacrosse player, mid-fielder, face-off guy, and team captain. At the end of Trent's senior year of lacrosse season he was named Team MVP. Trent's number was 17.
Trent tragically took his life in January 2015.
The Trent Stetler Lacrosse Play Day is a day to celebrate Trent’s life - and his love and dedication to the sport of lacrosse.
In addition to celebrating Trent's love for the game, the Stetler family invites the community to this event to raise funds for the Trent Stetler Memorial Fund. Our mission:
  • To advance mental health awareness within our community, encourage discussion and eliminate the stigma. 
  • Raise money for mental health educational initiatives throughout Haverford Township.
  • Establish annual scholarships for HHS lacrosse players.
  • Promote the characteristics Trent was loved for:  Inclusion, Leadership, Maximum Effort, Humor & Perspective via student initiatives throughout the Haverford School District. 
Classmates from Elon University remember Trent:
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Photos of Trent
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