During Trent’s senior year, he was voted Most Valuable Player by his teammates and was selected by the coaching staff to receive an annual Team Leadership award.  While on the field performance is important, this award seeks to identify individuals who are recognized as leaders and outstanding teammates.  The characteristics and behaviors that Trent’s Teammate Award should be considered on can be summarized in the following areas as suggested by his coaching staff:


1. Humor - He was one of the funniest guys the coaching staff and team was around.  While always working hard, he kept the atmosphere light and made sure his teammates kept the game in perspective and to enjoy their time together.


2. Commitment to the team. Trent did everything for the team. He learned to face off out of the team's need when they didn’t have anyone else. He played in the midfield on both offense and defense, which is unusual in today’s game of specialization. He hardly ever came off the field because the team was so shorthanded and he gave them the best chance to win.  He never complained and always sought to do what the team needed.  


And perhaps most importantly,


3. Inclusion - Most of the stories that former teammates said about Trent following his death were about Inclusion. He would invite younger players to team dinners and events.  Often the upperclassmen look down on the younger players or exclude them. Trent did just the opposite. He set a standard that the coaching staff saw carry over for years. There wasn't an upper class vs. a younger class. It was one group, one team that did everything together. He gave rides home, included them in team dinners, told them to come to varsity practices or training even though the younger players were unsure if they fit in.  “Trent had a tremendous impact on many players and the program and I hope that these characteristics are carried on by future players” (quote by Trent’s Coach Dan Greenspun). 



The Trent Stetler Memorial Scholarship Fund has been provided this year to Mia Ciancio and Jimmy Callahan. Both players were captains and leaders of their teams. They are exemplary of the mission of theTrent Stetler Scholarship and live their life with an inclusive andpositive mindset. They have committed themselves to working hardin and out of the game of lacrosse every day. I have also had the luxury of teaching both Jimmy and Mia in the classroom, where their leadership and perspective was equally impactful. The way these two student-athletes live, work hard, and support one another can help us all to identify the significant role we play in our own mental health as well as the health of our family and friends.


2019        Sean Leydon

                Carly Gannon

2018        Cole Lukasiewicz

                Nora Janzer

2017        Nick Dilorio

2016        Michael Hand

2015        Liam Derbyshire    

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Mia Ciancio and her family - Congratulations Mia!

Jimmy Callahan with Coach Decina - Congratulations Jimmyu!